Software Reliability Networking Dinner: Industry & Academia

The "Software Reliability Networking Dinner" will be hosted on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 in Raleigh NC. It's a networking event for industry and academia that typically draws between 30-60 people in the areas of software reliability, design, quality, testing and AI for software engineering.

The event is free, hosted by IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Reliability Society, ISSRE 2018



To attend, please send an email to either  Prof. Bojan Cukic (bcukic AT uncc DOT edu), Chair Steering Committee, or Ram Chillarege (ram AT chillarege DOT com) Vice Chair, Steering Committee.  Please use the following template when you send us email, to help track headcount.  We will reply with details on location/address and time:

Technical / Management Area:
Mobile Phone:

Past attendees included senior managers and engineers from local companies such as Cisco, NetApp, SAS, IBM along with faculty from NCSU, Duke, and UNC.  The dinner follows the program committee meeting for ISSRE 2018. A core group of PC members from the US and Europe conduct a face to face in Raleigh, with the others PC members connected via Webex. This allows for a realtime dialog of papers and conference strategy. We use the opportunity of the meeting to pull together friends of ISSRE and corporations that want to know more about where the technical area is headed.




Prof. Fred Brooks, Turing Award winner, (UNC) sixth from the right, joined us this year!