SRSS 2018 Workshop: Software Reliability and System Safety (SRSS)

SRSS 2018 Workshop

Software Reliability and System Safety (SRSS)

The objective of SRSS is to present advancements of reliability assessment and system verification that aim to improve the system design, development, test and validation. This workshop builds on our experience of organising the workshop on Using Software Reliability Figures to Manage the Software-Centric Systems Development (RFSD) at ISSRE 2017 and broadens the topics of interest to include further system safety aspects.


This half-day workshop will start with the invited presentations, followed by a discussion panel on how software reliability models are achieved or could be used as well as their integration in system design and verification.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Abstraction techniques
  • Certification standards
  • Compositional verification
  • Correct-by-construction design
  • Performance and robustness evaluation
  • Probabilistic verification
  • QoS evaluation, planning and deployment
  • RAMS (Reliability Availability Maintainability Safety) assessment
  • Rigorous system design
  • Verification & validation of safety-critical systems
  • Improvement of test efficiency base on reliability figures
  • Reliability prediction before delivery
  • Software Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Attendance is open to all.

Interested contributors should contact the organizers before August 15. The final submission should be no longer than 4 pages. All published workshop papers are indexed by IEEE.


Vladimir-Alexandru Paun
Chair of the Young Professional
affinity group of IEEE France 
Chair of the Special Special Interest Group 
on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) of IEEE France


Kamel Barkaoui
Professor at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers | CNAM Paris
Centre d'Etudes et De Recherche en Informatique et Communications (CEDRIC)