The 29th IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2018), October 15-18, 2018

Software Reliability Networking Dinner

July 11, Raleigh NC

Free: Hosted by IEEE/ISSRE. 

To Register - send email - see details.

It's a networking event for industry and academia that typically draws between 30-60 people in the areas of software reliability, design, quality, testing and AI for software engineering.

Tentative list of Confirmations for Diner:  Cisco, Duke Univ, IBM,  NetApp, NCSU Univ, Oracle, SAS, Shah Capital - VC.

Networking Dinner hosted by IEEE / ISSRE following the PC Meeting

Following the Program Committee Meeting, we host the Software Reliability Networking Dinner for industry and researchers in the area. 

The best Industry-Academia Software Engineering Conference

SSRE boasts the largest industry participation among advanced technical conferences. Your architect, QA lead, project manager, and researcher can select from over 100 talks and never see each other at the conference! This is the perfect training opportunity for senior technical folk.

A multi-track conference with over a 100 talks -

An architect, developer, tester, analyst, or researcher can each find talks that suit their interests. Check out previous year's programs on our websites.





Industry & Research Leaders

Our authors and participants are from companies such as: Airbus, ABB, Ericsson, Facebook, FCA Fiat, Assystem, Cisco, Google, Hitachi, Infosys, IBM, Microsoft, JAXA, Numalis, Siemens AG, Tata, Toyota, AXONIC, ... just to name a few. We counted 75 different companies at one of the ISSREs.

Co-located Workshops

Several workshops run along with ISSRE.  Some have become annual workshops that are now in their "n'th" year.  And there are new ones that are launched in keeping with where the industry and research is headed.

The 29th annual IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE) invites you to attend and contribute to the leading conference in its field. ISSRE focuses on innovative, high-impact techniques and tools for assessing, predicting, and improving the reliability, safety, and security of software products and computational systems and infrastructures. ISSRE publications, tracks and workshops emphasize industrial relevance and rigorous empirical studies.

ISSRE has grown over the years to become one of the few forums where the technical leadership from both academic institutions and economic players meet to learn from each other.  Research papers are extensively reviewed by a large program committee and the selected papers are coveted. A committee of leading industry experts separately reviews papers Industry track papers, emphasizing innovation, relevance and applicability. ISSRE has some of the best Industry case studies reported.  We also take special pride in our workshops, which have picked up considerable momentum with some becoming regular and co-locating with ISSRE year after year. 

We look forward seeing you in Memphis in October!